Wagyuburger & Co

The meat of the Wagyu-cattle is known as one of the most exclusive and delicate in the world. Due to its unique and fine texture, the meat is incredibly tender and melts on the tongue. We use our products almost exclusively for our restaurants, so our guests can look forward to very exclusive delicacies.

Bacon and sausages

The variety of products at the Maashof is great and, of course, self-made bacon, sausages, and other delicious meat products should not be missing. The farm animals spend their summer in the Larein valley, where they have plenty of space. This ensures that our meat is of very high quality – quality that you can taste in the final product.

Our in-house butcher Benni oversees the production of all our meat-related products. With a lot of passion and respect he guarantees a stress-free slaughter of the animals and the highest quality of the products. Further,  delicious mixed spices that work perfectly with our products and provide a special taste experience for our guests are created.

Cheese from the Larein Alpe

The techniques used to produce cheese go back to the Neolithic Age, a tradition that is still vivid at the Maashof and the Larein Alpe. Our in-house dairy is located on the Larein Alpe, where we make a wide variety of cheeses with a lot of love and craftsmanship. Cheeses such as the pepper and herb cheese or the Lareiner Almkäse delight guests from near and far. Due to the distinctive taste and the high quality of our cheese, the Larein Alpe team has already won many awards at the annual Cheese Olympics in Galtür, of which we are enormously proud.

We process the products in

our restaurants