the most beautiful Location

There is no better location for a wedding, a birthday, a family celebration, or a team building event than nature. With flexibility, individuality and a lot of heart, the team of the Larein Alp will also make your event unforgettable. The Larein Alp has already been the location of several wonderful non-denominational wedding ceremonies.

To be able to offer you even more, we are currently working on a wonderful little stone chapel. All stones that are built into the chapel were collected in the Larein valley and brought to the alp over hill and dale.
We look forward to your request,
The Zangerl family

If the circumstances allow it, we will celebrate the Almabtrieb, when the cattle are brought down from the alp, again in 2022. Then interests ones have the possibility to accompany the animals from the Larein Alp to the Maashof, where we celebrate their return with a farm festival.