At the Maashof you can find sheep, pigs, cows and cattle and very soon chicken, as well. A few goats, rabbits and cats are around, too. The animals can enjoy their life to the full here.


The Maashof is a paradise for all animal living here. And without exception all of them have the possibility to go outside to the outdoor area whenever they want. There they have almost endless space to wander about and lie around. And passing walkers can watch our animals even during their winter walks.

When it comes to the feed for our animals, we only accept the highest quality, as well. A big part of the hay we use is produced by ourselves. This way we can monitor the health and well-being of our animals already when we feed them.

Like nature intended calves are fed by their mothers on our farm. In winter all of the milk on our farm is used for this purpose. The young bulls are allowed to enjoy their summer on the mountains and afterwards are slaughtered species-appropriate and as stress-free as possible.

We are continuously working on offering more and more amenities to our animals. Lately the Maashof has been extended and now offers even more space and freedom for the animals. A new chicken stable was built, as well, of course with an outdoor area, where the chicken can run around as they desire.

Japan meets Tyrol

We are especially proud of our Wagyu-cattle. The Wagyu is Japanese breed of beef cattle and originally stems from the Kobe region. A few years ago Peter started to breed these cattle and crossed it with the domestic Braunvieh, the brown cattle that originated in the Alpine region. Today the purity of the Wagyu in our breed lies between 70 and 75%.